Message from the Honorary Consul

It gives me immense pleasure and honor to be accredited with the position of Honorary Consul of Hungary for Nepal.
Hungary and Nepal share a long history of cultural exchange and bilateral trade with diplomatic relations being established since 1961.
I see infinite opportunities to further promote trade between the two countries as there are many synergies that we share among each other.


Such as,
Nepal is a popular yet underdeveloped tourist destination which can greatly benefit by attracting investment and know-how from the highly evolved hospitality sector of Hungary.
Similarly, the energy and infrastructure sector of Nepal, which at present lacks sufficient investment and expertise, can greatly benefit with the inflow of technical proficiency and much needed capital.

Thinking down these lines, I intend to use my efforts and time for the benefit of the two great nations.


Mr. Arun K Chaudhary
Honorary Consul
Consulate of Hungary