Living in Hungary

Nepalese need residence permit (long-term-visa) to take up work, voluntary work, study, conduct research, or join a third country national family member living in Hungary for a period of more than 90 days.
Short term visa does not permit you to travel to Hungary for working or studying beyond 90 days. Residence permit must be applied before you actually go to Hungary.
When studying, doing business or taking up work in Hungary you may need certain documents translated, the copy of the document or your signature on a document certified or to receive a judicial (police) record certificate.



  • Nepalese can apply for the residence permit from the German Embassy. The German Embassy will provide with a Schengen visa.
  • To apply for a visa for the Schengen area you are required to make an appointment.
  • Schengen visas are issued for:

    •  tourists
    • visiting family and/or friends
    • businesstrips of no more than 90 days
  •  Please visit the German Embassy website and read the information carefully before making an appointment. Necessary application forms are made available on the website. Please note that inquires that are answered by the information provided on our website will not be replied to separately.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned without additional charges and a new appointment has to be arranged.
  • No multiple bookings are allowed! Only one appointment per person and passport application.
  • Family members applying at the same time are given the option of booking a collective group appointment. You will have to provide the number of your current passport during the booking process.
  • Improper use of the booking system will lead to the cancellation of the appointment and to the blacklisting of your email address. Do not use an external service provider to book appointment. The booking for appointment is free of charge, personally book your appointments.
  • Appointments offered on this system are the earliest appointments possible. Please apply at least 10 days before your trip.
  • It is required that you show up to the appointment inperson.


You can find detailed information about the different types of visas and how to apply for them on website .